“Leadership is not a question of style. It is a question of the most appropriate style in a given situation.” – Wally Evdokimoff

Great organizations require great leaders. And as the adage goes, great leaders aren’t born – they’re made. If you want your organization to thrive, to be a productive and positive environment where people always do their best work (and do it happily) you need leaders with the skills to facilitate it. Wally Evdokimoff & Associates specializes in Leadership Development and Supervisory Training. We take a practical approach, offering hands-on training methods that managers can start implementing on the job from day one. Whether it’s through a series of engaging group seminars or one-on-one coaching with key employees, Wally Evdokimoff & Associates will provide your managers with the tools they need motivate staff, foster teamwork, and boost productivity and satisfaction in your workplace.


Wally Evdokimoff is a Facilitator and Management Consultant for Leadership Development and Supervisory Training. He holds a BA and MBA form the University of Alberta and is a specialist in Organizational Behavior.

As well as being a consultant to business and industry, Wally conducts workshops in leadership, motivation, results management, communications, and team building.
Natasha Robbie is a facilitator, team builder, communicator and skilled presenter with a passion for connecting people to their ability to lead.

She began her career in advertising and quickly stepped out as an independent marketing and communications specialist, contracting with numerous corporations and agencies in Alberta and across North America.

What People Are Saying

We have worked with many different companies and organizations in Alberta, across Canada, and abroad – all of them different in size and scope, and each with their own set of goals and challenges. Here’s what a few participants from past training sessions have to say about our program.