Natasha Robbie, BA BMgt – Associate

Natasha Robbie is a facilitator, team builder, communicator and skilled presenter with a passion for connecting people to their ability to lead. She began her career in advertising and quickly stepped out as an independent marketing and communications specialist, contracting with numerous corporations and agencies in Alberta and across North America. Her experience with businesses and corporations of all sizes in a variety of industries has allowed Natasha to develop a keen understanding of what it takes to be a successful leader. Through her marketing work, Natasha leads teams comprised of independent marketing professionals that specialize in different disciplines, bringing talented people together in a cohesive group that is set on achieving her clients’ business goals. Natasha has done work for clients in industries ranging from oil and gas to holistic health, technology, real estate, manufacturing and various non-profit causes. When she’s not helping to develop leaders or busy with marketing endeavours, Natasha is mother to a teenage daughter, owner of two affectionate canines, and a dedicated yoga practitioner.