Different Strokes for Different Folks

As a leader, you can’t be a buddy all the time.  You can sometimes, if a person needs support.  But there are other times when you you have to take control and be very directive.  And sometimes, you have to let experienced folks do their job and stay out of the way.   Basically it’s different strokes for different folks.  You need to be able to adjust to the situation.  If you can’t adjust, you are going to run into problems.     Leadership is not a question of style, it is a question of the most appropriate style in a given situation.     Sometimes you need to be a “buddy” and give support, sometimes you need to stay out of the way and “let folks do their jobs”, and sometimes you need to be a boss and “take control”.     Effective leadership is different strokes for different folks.  And sometimes, different strokes for the same folks.     The challenge is knowing what style to use when.

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Wally Evdokimoff is a Facilitator and Management Consultant for Leadership Development and Supervisory Training. He holds a BA and MBA form the University of Alberta and is a specialist in Organizational Behavior.