Management Seminars For Supervisory Personnel

Interactive sessions that get managers involved in the process of their own learning. From experience we know that people have more fun and take more away from a seminar when they actively participate in what’s going on, so we structure our sessions to make sure that everyone is fully engaged in the material.

DAY 1 | Management Foundations

  • People make the significant difference
  • The principle of the slight edge
  • Understanding the individual
  • A new approach to motivation
  • Job enrichment
  • Rethinking management

DAY 2 | The Challenge of Leadership

  • Managerial styles
  • Which kind of leadership style is best?
  • What makes an effective leader?
  • Improving your leadership ability

DAY 3 | Managing for Results

  • How to set clear goals
  • How to develop people
  • How to make an intervention positive
  • How to keep performance & resources on track

DAY 4 | Effective Communications

  • Communication and leadership
  • Why communications break down
  • Giving and receiving instructions
  • Guides to readable writing
  • Ten commandments for effective listening
  • Challenges with diversity
  • Upward, downward and lateral communication
  • Team Building
  • Making more effective decisions

DAY 5 | Supervising People: Special Techniques

  • Maintaining effective discipline
  • Handling complaints and preventing grievances
  • Delegating
  • Introducing the new employee to the job
  • How to make the job easier to learn and to teach
  • The supervisors job in perspective
  • The win/win agreement